(A Day) Through My Phone: Michael Sontag // AW21


By now it seems quite natural to capture small slices of our everyday lives in pictures – it’s almost automatic. We took the occasion of MBFW Berlin as an excuse to ask some designers to make a point of it – and, of course, to share some exclusive insights into their daily work routine. One of those designers is Michael Sontag.


1. Bling bling for breakfast. Jewelry collaboration with my friend Derya Issever. This is a collaboration between friends. I told Derya about my plan to create jewelry from stones and walnuts I collected in my garden in the countryside and combine them with beads. She liked the idea and offered to help me work out the idea.


2. Silk dress dyed with green walnuts. This piece is from the current creative cycle. I started experimenting with plants as dye more than a year ago. This is how I came across shibori, a very old technique of folding and tying off fabrics before they are dyed. The piece in this photo was created using this process. The green walnuts, the shell of which I used for the dye, are also from my garden.


3. Fittings with artist Lyra Pramuk and stylist Andreas Peter Krings. I like Lyra’s music and find her interesting as an artist, so I asked her if she would like to collaborate with me. Andreas I know for a very long time, from when he worked for VOGUE and I was part of the first VOGUE SALON. I know Max von Gumppenberg, who is involved as director, since then as well.


4. Arriving on set. The blurry figure is Lyra. The video was produced at Kraftwerk and will be live streamed at MBFW.


5. The ritual begins. The video revolves around Lyra as she follows an intuitive ritual. She is actually creating the ritual on the spot. The ritual’s components are the room with the candles but also technical light sources, sound, stones and textile elements (garments I created).

Under the title TRANSIT, Michael Sontag presents his new looks in a new format at the upcoming Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Berlin on January 19th at 1:30 PM.

Michael Sontag is also showing select pieces from his latest collection at GROUP EXHIBITION in DER BERLINER SALON × MBFW.

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