MBFW Januar 2020, Kraftwerk Berlin

MBFW is returning as a physical event for SS22


Following a fully digital staging in January, Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Berlin will be held as a physical event between the 6th and 8th of September, 2021, at Kraftwerk Berlin with presentations, installations, shows and exhibitions. The event is also adapting to the international fashion show calendar and moving from July to September. This decision was taken by Mercedes-Benz, the creative agency NOWADAYS and the Berlin Senate Department for Economics, Energy and Public Enterprises, which is again partnering with MBFW.

In keeping a global focus and with consideration to making the event accessible to a wider audience, all shows will be streamed live on the official website mbfw.berlin and uploaded to the YouTube channel MBFW.berlin. The program will also be covered via Instagram @mbfw.berlin.

Already an established event during MBFW, the group exhibition Der Berliner Salon will show the work of 35 selected designers. The collaboration with Fashion Revolution Germany is also continuing with the event series Fashion Open Studio, which aims to introduce up-and-coming designers, established pioneers and key players in the sustainable fashion scene and give insight into the people and processes at work behind their collections.

Alongside runway shows and presentations, several panel talks revolving around fashion, technology and sustainability, as well as exclusively produced fashion videos and presentations, will all be part of MBFW.