Esther Perbandt

This year marks the 15th anniversary of Berlin-based label “esther perbandt“. Founder and namesake Esther Perbandt was born and bred in Berlin, toughened up in Moscow and polished in Paris. Not only is she a designer but also a visionary, performer and master of ceremonies. Her creative universe revolves around a vision of a modern personality. The resulting aesthetic is a deconstructed silhouette with stark contrasts und sophisticated fabric choices. Esther Perbandt sees her fashion as an act of post-feminism irrespective of gender: personality, autonomy and individuality are at the centre of her style. Esther Perbandt’s collections are idiosyncratic, modern and authentic while being sensitive, build on in-depth research and made from exquisite materials. The androgynous silhouette is deconstructed and reframed with classical menswear details.