MBFW International Edition – MBFW Madrid

Der Berliner Salon at MBFW Madrid

One of the overarching objectives of Der Berlin Salon is offering design talents and manufactories in and from Germany a national and international stage and network. Following the group exhibition, which took place on September 6 and was subsequently experienced by over 1,500 MBFW visitors until September 8, the filmic presentation of the exhibition will now be shown digitally as part of the MBFW International Edition at MBFW Madrid. The strength of German fashion as well as the creativity and significance of the city of Berlin will thus be underlined in an international context.

Likewise, the significance of creative exchange in an international setting and the advancement of fashion as a cultural asset are in the spotlight. These are the overarching targets of the new concept MBFW International Edition launched by MBFW Berlin for Spring/Summer 2022. The format marks a new form of collaboration between the various international venues of Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week, which aims to create synergies across national borders; promote the international spirit of the event; and thereby offer talented individuals from across the globe a stage and a network.

For the debut of the MBFW International Edition – Edition I – in Berlin, the Spanish brand OTRURA showed a documentary video, which was also a small foretaste of the MBFW Madrid. Also, the designer NASTYA NEKRASOVA showed her collection at MBFW Berlin.

The filmic contribution of Der Berliner Salon will be shown in the MBFW Madrid livestream on September 18 at 12:30 pm. The official website of MBFW mbfw.berlin will host the entire livestream of MBFW Madrid from September 16 – 19.